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Friday, October 1, 2021

Be rational!!!

When you see the news on "Ethiopia expels UN staffs", which statement or question is supposed to come first to your mind? 


1)  What is the reason? Let me check the reason or ....if you have UN authorized person like UN secretary or US official, will you try to take time and investigate the cases that Ethiopian Gove't said? or


2) Without  checking and any investigation the cases, will you condemn urgently and blindly the Ethiopian Gov't? 


In the normal condition or in a rational approach the answer is simply number 1. However, what is happening now in our world is to follow the number 2 approach which is the blind and " --- superiority" approach.


That means any UN staff coming from North is supper and not less than Angeles who will not make any mistake.


Dear UN and USA, try to be rational and investigate first.I.e. before any press releases and condemnation on the Ethiopian Gov't act.


Unless you give the staff different assignments other than the legal one, no need for forwarding the flow of condemnation and press releases. Because it is easy first to investigate the differences between their clear-cut responsibilities to be fulfilled and not to be touched by their scope of authority. 

Be rational!!!

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