Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Ethiopians great dam on Nile River is a source of peace and stability for the horn of Africa, Europe and the Middle East as a whole.

The Gibe III dam on the Omo River, Ethiopia (Mimi Abebayehu/CC BY-SA 4.0)
The Grand Ethiopian dam on Nile River (Photo - Global Construction-review)

Gudayachn special alert
June 23,2020 

It is quite known that poverty leads to instability and insecurity.  The miserable lives of over Fifty million Ethiopians, living without any access to electric power had been a great threat of security both in Ethiopia and the horn. According to the 2018 world bank report, only 45% of Ethiopians have access to electricity.That means 55% of the ancient land population had already been disregarded from the basic civilization privilege of electric power in the 21st century. On the contrary, Egypt had fully satisfied the demand of electricity and utilizing the Nile river for agricultural production. 

Now the question of justice and mutual benefit is raised.That is without creating any hindrance to Egyptians normal life and all benefits  that they are obtaining from the Nile River, Ethiopia is on the way to use her own water resource through building a dam with her own domestic resource and generating an electric power. The dam building process had been confirmed positively by the International Environmental Impact Assessors (EIA). As a result, the negative impact of the dam to downstream countries (Sudan and Egypt) is almost null. Rather it will protect the annual erosion disasters which these countries had been suffering for a number of years. 

Currently, the Egyptian Government is trying to mislead the international community and its own people as if Ethiopia had plan to retain the water within her own territory. However, this is contrary to fact.As Ethiopian senior officials repeatedly confirmed that Ethiopia has never planned to retain the water within her territory. That means after passing through the dam to rotate the electric turbines, the water will continue to flow towards Sudan and Egypt.

Last but not least, you should not be surprised,when you hear that almost the whole people of the horn of Africa are waiting eagerly for the starting day of the dam to generate electric power. This is because the issue is not only a matter of generating power. It is more than above it.That is it will  stabilize the horn of Africa and the middle east through creating interrelated economic benefits.Because Ethiopia is not only using the generated electric power for her own domestic consumption, but the neighboring and even the middle east countries will also be accessed to get power. Therefore,it must not be undermined to take out millions from devastating poverty is nothing but it is a guarantee to peace and stability. This assurance of peace and stability is not only to the horn of Africa but to the middle east and  Europe. Because Ethiopia and the horn could create more jobs for the young generation. As the result the number of illegal refugees,originated from the horn,travelling to the Middle east and Europe will drop down tremendously.Therefore Ethiopian dam is key for the stability of peace and security for the horn of Africa,Europe and the middle east as a whole.

By Getachew Bekele
Gudayachn Editor

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