Sunday, May 22, 2016

Great fear of another Genocide on North-Western part of Ethiopia, Welqayt-Qabti ወልቃይት ላይ ሌላ የዘር ማጥፋት እንዳይፈፀም! (Gudayachn special Alarm)

‘'በወልቃይት ቃብቲያ በህዝቡና በትግራይ ልዩ ሃይል ፍጥጫው ዛሬ ተጠናክሯል። ከ8ህ በላይ ህዝብ ስብሰባ ወጥቷል። የትግራይ ልዩ ሃይል ስብሰባው ለመበተን ሞክሮ አልተሳካለትም። በህዝቡ ሃይል አፈግፍጓል። የተኩስ ድምጽ ይሰማ እንደነበረ ነዋሪዎች ተናግረዋል።''ኢሳት ልዩ ዜና ግንቦት 14፣2008 ዓም

'Today in Welqayt-Qabti, there is high tension between the people and Tigray regional special force.Over Eight-thousand people is gathering. Tigray special force has failed to interrupt the meeting. It was obliged to back by strong pressure of the people. Residents inform us they are hearing shooting'' Ethiopian Satellite Television - ESAT special news  Sunday, May 22,2016.
Controversial map of TPLF 

ጉዳያችን Gudayachn Special Alarm
May 22, 2016
Oslo, Norway

According to Ethiopian Satellite Television- ESAT  breaking news, as at of May  22,2016,  over Eight-thousand people gathered at North-west part of Ethiopia, Amhara Administrative region, Welqayt-Qabti (ወልቃይት ቃብቲያ). Welqayt-Qabti is very near to North Sudan and Eritrea plus shares common border with Tigray administrative region of Ethiopia.
     The current Tigrian ethnic-led regime of Ethiopia,TPLF, has been accused of killing over Ten-thousands of Welqayt indigenous people. Welqayt-Qabti residents are Amhara ethnic and fully reflects Amhara ethic culture.  An appeal committee which was fully authorised by the local  people of Welqayt has made failed attempt  to address the conflict to get the necessary attention by the central government which is almost fully dominated by Tigrian ethnic group. The main appeal of the committee, on behalf of the Welqait people, is to request the TPLF-led government to respect the cultural and administrative right of the region. But the response from TPLF was a continuous killing and imprisonment. 
      It is exactly one week, since  the local farmers of Welqayt' 'wereda' has  declared on their refusal to accept any TPLF authority domination on the region. Four-thousand people agreed on this declaration. The declaration gives strong warning to TPLF officials not to come to their ‘wereda’ for any type of administrative purpose.
     Today, according to ESAT breaking news release, over Eight thousand people have again gathered in Welqayt-Qabti wereda to strength their previous declaration of self administration.  On the other hand, the TPLF special army was trying to cease them not to go to the meeting. But strong resist  back the army to the nearest mountainous area.
   An indigenous people of Welqayt area residing in USA, Europe and Australia have exposed a number of documented evidences on TPLF’s massacred  over Ten-thousands of  residents for the past 25 years. TPLF strategic interest in the region is to show its ethnocentric boost of Tigrigna speaker people over indigenous Amhara ethnicity. This was practiced through both  force-full settlment of Tigrigna language speakers on the fertile land of Welqait and  obliging indigenous Amhara  people to  undermine their pre-existed Amhara culture including their  language, Amharic.

     The latest news indicate that TPLF regime is sending more troops to the mentioned conflict area. Many fear, as there is no any guarantee for not happening another genocide by TPLF. Therefore international community is seriously expected to  be aware and  react against the TPLF dictatorial act on innocent Amhara people.


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