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Why are Global Institutions,Governments and Media 'misleading’ on the current situation of Tigray Region in Ethiopia?


By Getachew Bekele Damtew

Gudayachn Editor 

February 5,2020


The global community is in a ‘confusing’ position, in case of Ethiopia's current situation in the Tigray region. Denial of law enforcement measures taken by the federal government and taking it as it was to attack the region’s residents, are the day-to-day talk of the former Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) propagandist machines in abroad.On the other side,no one is considering, how the horn of Africa and perhaps the rest of Africa could be affected, if TPLF was continuing on its de facto power. In the last three months,the federal government of Ethiopia Defence Force and the people have sacrificed, not only to save the unity of Ethiopia but to safeguard the peace and stability of the horn of Africa.How ever, this fact is not well understood by International Institutions,Governments and Media.


There are two points raised from the global community.One, access to aid to Tigray region is not sufficient and two, there are humanitarian crises in the region.Both questions have approaches differences and 'clear' paradox.Because both questions have disregarded the Ethiopian government's replies through its different organs including the Prime Minister office,spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Peace press releases.

According to the Ministry of Peace latest press release, the government provision of humanitarian Aid reached 1.6 Million to the Tigray region of Ethiopia.Yesterday,the Minister of Peace, Muffriat Kamil,briefed the Walta Information Center on the ongoing humanitarian and rehabilitation work in the region. Following the implementation of the law enforcement, the Minister said, more than 305,000 quintals of food aid has been provided to 1.6 million people in Tigray region. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have also been involved in the process, she said, in addition to 22,000 metric tons of grain, 69,000 metric tons of grain are in the process of being delivered to the safety net.

The minister also said the Tigray region has been without electricity, telecommunications and banking services since the end of the law enforcement operation in the region.However, a great advancement is made on returning back electricity,tele and banking service.The government efforts have been made also to supply the drug at a cost of 71 million birr.The minister’s briefing also indicated as there are 92 humanitarian aid centers in Tigray Region at this particular time.If we included the refugee centers the numbers have been able to reach 80 centers.

At the end of last week,the UNHCR higher commissioner, Filippo Grandi has been on work visit to Tigray region together with the minister of Peace and deputy PM and FM Demeke Mekonen.Regarding this particular high level visit with UNHCR high commissioner, Minister of Peace Muffriat Kamil shared her feeling in amharic on her social media translated by Gudayachn as follows : -

''I had the opportunity to spend time with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other government officials at a refugee camp in the Tigray region.Seeing them in the middle of their lives gave me strength and hope. We discussed with the representatives of the shelters community, including representatives of women, children, youth and religious leaders at the Hadi Harush and Mai Aini shelters on the provision of basic services and social issues that need to be improved.I have had the opportunity to understand the positive performances and shortcomings of the camps, so that we can further improve our service. We are aware that more than 70 percent of the refugees are in good condition in both camps. We will continue to strengthen the reforms we have begun since 2011 based on the fact that the remaining two camps are below the standard of international camp formation and are not conducive to living.It has recently brought more than 3,000 refugees to Hadi Harush and Mai Aini camps, and we will continue to do so. Together, we work day and night to ease the problems of our people, further strengthening our good experiences and folding values.''

All the above heading news on Tigray region of Ethiopia were not properly broadcasted or reported on International Media.Therefore, top policy makers, parliament members and even prime ministers of Europe and USA were not able to obtain the necessary information from their own country’s media. This is a huge crises of information.Here,we need to get the necessary answer for a critical question of Why are  Global Institutions,Governments and Media misled on the current situation of Tigray Region in Ethiopia? 

The answer is not so complicated. It is because the pre-established former Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) structure abroad reacted to cheat the global community intentionally.For this purpose, thousands of Twitter accounts were opened in the last four months.

On November 17/2020, Washington Post, has confirmed the above statement as follows: -Twitter data collected from Nov. 1 to 10 (2020) showed that 30 percent of tweets about Tigray and Abiy were from accounts created this year. Nearly half (47 percent) of these tweets were from accounts created in late October and early November. After Nov. 4, the number of new accounts created per day grew from an average of 21 to 245. Their tweets are overwhelmingly (although not exclusively) anti-government.”

November 4/2020 was the second date since TPLF militia has opened fire on Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) in Tigray region.Investigative reports from the Federal Police of the Federal Government shows that the former TPLF  'personnel' was getting ready for over two years to recapture the central political power of Ethiopia. Therefore the 'abroad wing' of TPLF was aware to start the social media campaign against the Federal Government of Ethiopia. Financial and Human resources were allocated a year back.The plan was to launch the social media campaign as soon as the militia opened fire against the Federal Army in Tigray region. In short, this was the process and result of how the flow of fake news controlled the global media including Reuters and BBC correspondents and editors. This is a typical case for the failure of global media in the 21st century.

Last but not least,all fake news reported by globally dominant media reported on the law enforcement process of the Federal Government of Ethiopia, need to be checked and exposed to the International  community.Because these are the typical cases for the study of Journalism at the University level.Majority of Ethiopians,both abroad and at home, have already lost their confidence on international Media of the west. All  these happened after the pro-TPLF fake reports were magnified and reported  by the western media. The biased-western media is not only serving as the 'propaganda machine' for the former TPLF's foreign wing.The western media is not only focused on the Tigray region humanitarian issues.It has also opened full of negative campaign against the Ethiopian Government law enforcement process in Tigray and the PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD) personal integrity.I think such a kind of situation may have a short and long time consequences on the relationship between the west and the very strategic land of the horn of Africa,Ethiopia. Ethiopians both in Addis and Washington D.C are discussing the main cause of the western media's incapability to check and balance fake news produced and released from the 'TPLF foreign wing' on the current situation of the Tigray region in Ethiopia. In fact,it is not possible to say that the western media has only fully owned fake-news due to the TPLF foreign wing social media campaign.Because unless the western media and their foreign policy makers ignored the fact news, they could not be cheated on such a huge level. It is not less than shame.

Getachew Bekele Damtew


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