Saturday, February 20, 2021

Children and adult Ethiopian Refugees from Tigray Region are under ''political and psychological hijack'' by the former TPLF cadres in Sudan Refugee camp.

ከትግራይ ወደ ሱዳን የተሰደዱ ኢትዮጵያውያን ስደተኞች (ሕፃናትም ጭምር) በሕወሐት ካድሬዎች ታግተዋል።የስነ-ልቦና ጥቃትም በካድሬዎች ከመድረሱም በላይ ለጦርነት እንዲነሱ በግድ እየተቀሰቀሱ ነው።የእዚህ ሳምንት በካምፑ ውስጥ የተነሱ ፎቶዎች ይመልከቱ።


Gudayachn News Exclusive


According to the UNHCR latest report there are about 56,000 Ethiopian refugees in Sudan from the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Among these refugees 30% are under 18 and 5% are over 60 years old. Based on different press releases of the Ethiopian government, it is ready to back the refugees to their home in the Tigray region. Ethiopian refugees cross the border during and after a law enforcement process was started after the TPLF army attacked the National Defence Force of Ethiopia (NDFE).

The recently established refugees camp in Sudan, which is near to Ethiopian border is quite strange in its administration.One of the main obligations of any refugee in any corner of the world, is not to be involved in any military activities or agitations.However, such a key condition is violated in the Ethiopian Refugees camp.Even Though,many refugees are interested to go back to their home in Tigray region,the former TPLF cadres who have been also participated in ‘Maikadra genocide’ crime are threatening them not to go back home. Now the situation is going from bad to worse. These cadres are obliging children and adults to gather and demonstrate the most hated organization in Ethiopia,the former TPLF. 

Here below are the latest photos of the refugees,Gudayachn could save, who have been obliged to attend the TPLF’s establishment day of  February 18/2021 (‘Yekatit 11’ in Amharic). In this program childrens were seen with artificial guns and agitating to war.Such action  is quite illegal,according to the international children’s right law. Here the critical question is : What is the reaction of UNHCR, UNICEF, the Sudan Government, International Community and even the Ethiopian government for such ‘’political and psychological hijacking’’ of childrens and adults in the 21st century?

For your easy information,please find here below the February 18 situation of the Ethiopian refugees in Sudan. Cadres of the former TPLF were motivating ,innocent refugees including childrens, to war. An immediate action is expected from all concerned bodies.

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