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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Analysis: Ja-War, Aljazeera, Bloodshed and Terror in Ethiopia

Jawar Mohamed
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Jawar Mohammed’s latest religious war on Ethiopia kills at least 70 over the week and the radical Islamist activist also declared an election campaign with the backing of Aljazeera and other sponsors.
Analysis by Solomon Aregawi
October 27/2019
A deadly violence called by Jawar Mohamed and his rebels kills at least 70 this week. 55 of them are, according to a report by AFP, members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church – killed by traditional weapons like machetes which Jawar Mohammed said his neighbors in Arsi province “would to kill Christians with if the Christians keep their heads up”. The young man is a well educated (at least for Ethiopian politics) and well funded politician holding a US passport like most terrorists with international religious agenda.
His latest target is Ethiopia’s evangelical leader Abiy Ahmed who recently won a Nobel Peace Prize and is trying his best to decolonize Ethiopia from radical tribal politics. Jawar who is a US citizen with alleged Yemeni family background can not legally operate or run for political office since he’s a foreigner. But his deep illegal political operation is knocking on the palace and that will determine his fate in Ethiopia later.
In June 2013, Qatar who has an official state religion in Islam introduced its latest recruit for their religious and political mission in Ethiopia. A certain young man named Jawar Mohammed appeared on Qatar state owned and run Aljazeera. In a well orchestrated and rehearsed show with fellow Islamist activist Mohamed Ademo and non-believer Oromo Galasa Dilbo, Aljazeera’s actress in hijab (pretends to be a journalist) asked Jawar if he’s Oromo first or Ethiopia first. How would that kind of question pop up on the mind of a non-Ethiopian unless it was scripted?. Jawar answered he’s Oromo first and his fame skyrocketed.
In July 2013, a few weeks after the Aljazeera drama, Jawar defined what he meant by “Oromo first”. In an event organized by Muslims activists in Washington DC, Jawar said “Oromo means Muslim, Muslim means Oromo”. He continued ” touching Oromo is touching Muslim and touching Muslim is touching Oromo”,
“so non Oromo Muslims should also support the Oromo struggle” Jawar added, because practically it’s a ‘Muslim struggle” for political power in the name of Oromo. He continued “your Muslim relatives in Djibouti, Somalia, Gondar or even Axum will be proud of you”.
In that historic speech, Jawar also talked about how they would kill Christians with machetes in his home province Arsi. The machetes he mentioned in the speech were used to kill Christians and others in the 2018 Burayu massacres and this week’s violence in Arsi, Bale and Hararghe.
                                                     Jawar in June 2013 at an Aljazeera studio
Since 2013, Jawar Mohamed cruised to power on the back of Muslim majority east Ethiopia. He’s highly supported by rich men from east Ethiopia who donate in millions to his operations against the state of Ethiopia. The former Minnesota based activist repeatedly attacked Welega based Protestant Christian Oromo liberation front (OLF) leaders. With Jawar’s emergence, OLF is now dead and unimportant in Ethiopian politics. Jawar who is way younger that the half a century old rebel movement is more powerful and important than OLF in today’s Ethiopia. Hence, one of the areas Jawar does not reach is the Christian Welega province. Dawud Ibsa’s OLF is popular there and its supporters have established a rival TV network – repeatedly warned Jawar they’d kill him if he comes to Welega.
His popularity among the Muslim Oromo east is high. Most Oromo Muslim speakers have expressed their support – summed up by a recent Facebook post by an Ustaz who said “touching Jawar is touching Muslim”. They always remember what he said in that historic speech of 2013 – Jawar defiantly made clear his intentions to be the replica of medieval Ethiopia Emperor Immam Ahmed Gragn by invading ancient Christian lands of Gondar and Axum to form the Islamic kingdom of Ethiopia.
A bloody return
Jawar Mohammed’s swift return to Ethiopia after TPLF’s ouster was taken as a positive signal by many. He also gave false positives by traveling to the “Amhara” province and meeting with famous “Amhara” politicians like now foreign minister Gedu Andargachew and an Amhara rebel leader by the name Colonel Demeke Zewdu. Jawar did that making wrong calculations that the Christian majority areas in the north are politically and militarily weakened after 45 years of assault by successive Marxist-Leninist rulers in Mengistu Hailemariam and Meles Zenawi and long internal skirmishes. With that wrong calculation in mind, Jawar thought his peaceful capture of Ethiopia was imminent. But that turned out to be false immediately.
New leader Abiy Ahmed’s love with the Orthodox Church and diaspora returnees woke him up. Abiy Ahmed’s affair with these groups was also widely accepted by the nation as seen in pro-Abiy rallies in those days. Jawar and his hate camp hated that their calculations were wrong. So, they wanted to fire back. Even though, they have deadly animosity with Welega based Oromo rebels leader Dawud Ibsa, Jawar’s camp used Dawud Ibsa’s group return to Addis Ababa as a good propaganda bullet to fire back at prime minister Abiy Ahmed and the reunited Orthodox Church. It worked very well. A highly funded campaign rose millions of uninformed Oromo youth to come to Addis Ababa to “welcome OLF returnees” but in fact they were used in a staged drama scripted by “smart” Jawar. Their partners Aljazeera reported and made consecutive news shows about that drama.
On that fateful Saturday night, Jawar claimed dozens of Oromos were killed by hostile Addis Ababa youth but he had no evidence of the killings. Law enforcement did not question him either since it was a potential call for violence. His claim and call for violence on the 87 % Christian Addis Ababa resulted in the Burayu massacres of that weekend. Close to a hundred people were massacred in two days in the outskirts of the capital. Most of the victims were killed by machetes, Jawar Mohammed’s favorite weapon.
Jawar paced up his radical Islamist revolution against Ethiopia and the thriving prime minister Abiy Ahmed. But he avoided openly shooting at Abiy in fear of backlashes but has intensively attacked the inner circle of the prime minister until for the last 18 months. The lawlessness and the mysterious silence from the prime minister’s new regime helped him a lot in recruiting operatives from the prime minister’s ruling Oromo bloc, ODP. But lately, with growing frustrations from the larger public, the prime minister’s regime started acting to stop Jawar. Their weapon was Jawar’s US citizenship. According to Ethiopia’s Constitution, foreigners can not meddle in the country’s political affairs. But due to the ongoing lawlessness in the country, he was given a free ride by the regime for long.
Final shots
In just one week, reports of Jawar changing his citizenship came out followed by Abiy Ahmed’s direct warning at him. Jawar then called his rebels to save him after claiming assassination attempts. His call for violence resulted in the death of at least 70 in the last few days. Most of them were killed by Jawar’s favorite machetes. The bloodshed has continued despite the deployment of the army to violence hit areas like Bale, Arsi and Hararghe where mainly Christians were targeted by Jawar’s rebels. Specially, Jawar birth place Arsi is the center of violence against Christians.
Since Jawar Mohamed returned to Ethiopia last year, over 50 churches have been burnt and hundreds of Christians massacred, including the Sidama violence where Christians were brutally murdered, their bodies dismembered, their teeth extracted and burnt alive. Many accuse him of being behind these attacks by invoking his infamous threat of killing Christians by machetes in that 2013 speech to Muslims in the US.
His version of Islamist Aljazeera, OMN TV network has been the leading mouthpiece of extremist groups who campaign against the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. Jawar himself have been a key member of an outlawed group that declared a new separate Orthodox clergy to divide the Christian community along political lines.
Running out of cards?
Jawar Mohamed has a huge support among the Muslim majority east Oromiya region and southern parts of the country. He has “unknown” financial sources and donors who are funding his operations throughout the country. Abiy Ahmed’s divided government has failed to deal with Jawar in fear of Muslim backlash. Jawar is now ‘untouchable”. From his cell in the capital guarded by soldiers taking orders from a faction of ODP that supports Jawar, he has kept calling for more violence blackmailing the army deployed to stop his rebels from killing more people.
Now Jawar has decided to fully fight the war. He never built a carrier, so a return to the US would be a disaster. He has already touched the ball with his hand. Nobody, other than the uneducated Selecas who worship him, considers him a serious political expert. So, his last card is to do what he always feared – return his US citizenship and fight the war as long as he can. Jawar in the past repeatedly said he is ” a good pundit and a teacher not a politician” to avoid direct political involvement. But now he’s forced to swim naked in the water by himself.
Aljazeera’s long held religious agenda
Aljzeera and Jawar’s foreign buddies have been presenting him and his allies as political pundits on their networks drawing a distorted image of Ethiopia to the international community. These radical Islamist pundits usually attack Ethiopia’s Christian Emperors. Aljazeera airs and publishes fake stories it receives from the Jawar camp like “five million Oromos were massacred” in the 19th century by the Christian Emperor Menelik II who sent his Christian Shoa Oromo army to Muslim Arsi where Jawar is born. There were no five million deaths in a war between local tribes with traditional weapons. Aljazeera didn’t care to verify the numbers.
The Qatar state owned network also recently said “after 150 years, Oromos celebrated their religious festival in the capital”. Aljazeera again did not care to verify the number 150. It just took it from the Islamist proxies in the Oromo region. The Islamist news network was kicked out of the united states a few months after starting “Aljazeera America” for poor journalism and unprofessionalism. It started massive propaganda campaign directed to Ethiopia following the rise of Abiy Ahmed. It wants to topple Abiy Ahmed for his relationship to the UAE camp in addition to its old radical Islamist agenda against Ethiopia.
Aljazeera’s twisted report on the latest violence says “Jawar organized the protests that brought Abiy to power”. And the rest of the globalist media simply copy-pasted that with no verification. The Qatari network is no shy of its agenda on Ethiopia and even Eritrea but it has been given a free ride by most locals. It didn’t care to air a documentary on a mediocre pro-Jawar Muslim Oromo woman even long after she was removed from her post as the nation’s tourism minister.
With Jawar’s forced entrance to election politics, Aljazeera sits behind this hostile camp along with other sponsors to hit two birds by one stone. They intensify their religious agenda and unseat pro-UAE Abiy Ahmed if they can. So far they have succeeded with an ill regime led by Abiy Ahmed, a man too slow to catch up with the pace of Jawar and his terror network.


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