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To: Sudan delegate in Addis Ababa - 'Dangerous' advice was not expected from an immediate neighbour.

''የሱዳን ልዑክ የኢትዮጵያን ጎሳ እና ቋንቋን መሰረት ያደረገ ፌደራሊዝም አደነቀ። ሌሎች የአፍሪካ አገሮችም ሊከተሉት ይገባል'' አለ። ይላል የሱዳኑ ጋዜጣ ''ሱዳን ትሪቡን'' ህዳር 23፣2008 ዓም ያወጣው ፅሁፍ።የእዚህ አይነቱ በኢትዮጵያ ላይ የማፌዝ ሂደት ምላሽ ያስፈልገዋል።

 'Dangerous' advice was not expected from an immediate neighbour. 

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I just read 'Sudan Tribune'  on line News: ''Sudanese delegates laud Ethiopia’s constitution, federal system'', by Tesfa-Alem Tekle, Dec. 3, 2015. The News is not only admiring Ethiopia Ethnocentric federal system, it also advices other African nations to apply it.

Dear my African fellows, don't give attention for the Sudan delegate's statement which reflects its mis-understanding of the situation in Ethiopia. I think the delegate is not serious. In 21st century, Sudan Government officials advice Africa to follow Ethnocentric federal system. It is not a mysterious that TPLF-mastered Ethnocentric federalism is pushing the nation to the most dangerous, unstable and continuos conflict situation. 

In the past 24 years of TPLF rule, thousands of citizens were internally displaced from their own land cultivated for generations, and many other thousands killed and obliged to leave their own country and became  refugee. This is the initial stage that Ethnic based federal system is costing us. Even in the past two weeks a number of Ethiopians have died due to the same policy of ethnic-federalism. 

I think the Sudan delegate also realised Ethiopia's current situation, even in the last two weeks. Since your delegate stay in Addis, you have already heard a lot about incidences that costs human life in Haremaya, Ambo, Gonder, Armacho, etc. all happened with in three days.In these areas, students and farmers are fighting for their right. Ethnocentric federalism is used as a fuel to create clashes among people. So are you pushing Africans to cross the same problem?

Dear Sudan delegates! 

How dare you are! To advice other African countries to follow the foot-step of Ethnocentric federalism? Why don't you implement in your country? I mean, if you are admiring it? I feel as state man, you have not only a good know-how it runs  in Ethiopia, but also have internalised its negative consequences that brought to your neighbour-Ethiopia. But still you keep in appreciating the ''ethnic-minded'' TPLF personal in Addis Ababa. It is shame! You are just propagandising  in the name of Sudan people. The people of Sudan is generous and shares African problem as its own. Therefore I will never take your words are not reflecting the Sudan people's out look.

Please Leave Africa be save! 'Dangerous' advice was not expected from an immediate neighbour.

 Last not least, Yes! Federalism is key for development but not ethnic one. Africa suffered a lot before. No more ethnic federalism! I think again you know it.

Here is the Sudan Tribune  link.


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