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January 29, 2015
The press conference held at Addis Ababa Hilton Hotel by Pro-TPLF (Tigray People Libration Front) Electoral board chairman Prof.Merga, states as it has suspended two prominent strong opposition parties in Ethiopia.These are ''Unity party'' (Unity) and ''All Ethiopian Unity party'' (AUP). The  press conference also emphasis as acknowledgement which was given by the electoral board to Unity and AUP to operate legally with in the nation was taken by force and ''granted'' to the regime's  'Poppets' parties'.These two TPLF-duplicated parties will get green light to operate with an identical name of the suspended ones. 

It is quite clear that the two TPLF-poppets parties, introduced by Electoral board, do not have even formal office, council and even members are not yet disclosed. Many believe TPLF is creating its own 'loyal party' in the name of the prominent one.It was another surprise, when the electoral board chair person confirms  the major pre-condition to continue as opposition party is ''to be loyal'' to his Pro-TPLF board.

''Ethiopian Unity party'' (Unity) and ''All Ethiopian Unity party'' (AUP) were legally operating in all part of the nation with in strong controversy with TPLF cadres. Both parties were expecting to participant with the coming May 'stress-full' election.It is recalled that they were also active participant in 2005 controversial election that TPLF was beaten seriously by the peoples voice. The year 2005 is still non forgettable year by many Ethiopians that over 200 citizens were killed by the regime's fully armed soldiers and security men under the command post of the late Meles Zenawi. Independent bodies raised the number of massacres to over 250 innocent people.  

The ''Blue party'' (ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ), the youngest but challenging the regime party may also host the same act from TPLF. Last month the party chairman and many of council members were beaten and send to prison during their peace-full demonstration in the capital demanding ''transparent election process'' on the coming May,2015.

At the result of such Un-lawful act of the regime, there is high tension in all part of the country. The two prominent parties response following to the decision is not yet known. ESAT, Ethiopian Satellite Television based on Washington DC announces on its social media page it will have detail report in this evening's broadcasting service.

There is strong believe as peaceful political environment in Ethiopia is about to end.It is about weeks that armed opposition parties Ginbot 7 Freedom and Justice movement and Ethiopian Patriotic Front (EPF) based on vast Eritrean deserts are united and created one front called ''Arbegnoch-Ginbot7 for Unity and Democracy Movement” (አርበኞች-ግንቦት7 የአንድነት እና የዲሞክራሲ ንቅናቄ)

January 29/2015 
(Tir 21/2007 EC)

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