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Chat or Khat (ጫት) and WHO candidate Dr. Theodros Adhanom (GUDAYACHN special alert to International community) ጫት እና ዶ/ር ቴዎድሮስ አድሃኖም (ጉዳያችን)

Chat - affects millions of young generation

ጉዳያችን/  Gudayachn 
ሚያዝያ 20/2009 ዓም (አፕሪል 28/2017)
በጤና ጥበቃ ሚኒስትርነት ተቀምጠው በአውሮፓ እና መካከለኛው ምስራቅ በአደገኛ ዕፅነት ተፈርጆ የታገደው ጫት በሚልዮን የሚቆጠሩ ኢትዮጵያውያንን ሕይወት ሲያበላሽ ዝም ያሉ ዶ/ር ቴዎድሮስ አድሃኖም እንዴት የዓለምን ጤና ድርጅት የመምራት በጎ ህሊና ይኖራቸዋል?

I do not think that Dr.Theodros Adhanom, candidate to WHO chair, has full capability to lead the World Health Organisation (WHO). I do not have time to mention how his deep miss-handling could create serious problem with Ethiopian refugees cases in South Africa, Libya, Saudi Arabia and other part of the world, when he was at the post of the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ethiopia. The purpose of this note is not to state  on Ethiopian refugees case. It is emphasising on critical issue of the new generation´s serious problem of dangerous drug categorised,  CHAT or Khat (ጫት).

Here I would like to mention Dr. Theodros´s  ignorance to Millions of Ethiopians suffering with in globally banned  dangerous "drug" CHAT (look about chat on this link 

Chat is affecting millions of young generation (including boys and girls under 14). The most expansion time of CHAT in Ethiopia was during Dr. Theodros Adhanom was serving as ministry of Health in Ethiopia. A number of researches were presenting to his ministerial table on the case of dangerously expansion of chat both in Ethiopia and East Africa as a whole. While Mr.Adhanom did not take any measure to save millions of young future hope of the African nations. Therefore I strongly condemn his position to the post of World Health Organisation (WHO).

CHAT or Khat (ጫት) is categorised under the dangerous drugs. Many European and Middle East countries have already banned it not to be entered in any form to their territory.

"The researchers studied two popular designer drugs, mephedrone and methylone, analogs of cathinone, a drug found in the plant Catha edulis (Khat). The drugs entered the drug scene in the 2000s with innocuous names like "bath salts" or "plant food." These drugs originally fell into a legal gray area because they weren't specifically regulated on a federal level, but in October 2011 they were temporarily classified as illegal, schedule one drugs." 
Life Scince (

Dr.Adhanom was aware of Khat´s dangerousness to the health of human being plus as it is banned by many countries. But he did not speaks out a single word on it. His former boss, the late PM of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi   mentioned in Ethiopian parliament as CHAT or Khat was one of the main way of foreign currency earning to Tigray Peoples Libration Front (TPLF). Therefore Dr. Adhanom prefers to replace the life of millions of Ethiopians and East African people to temporary foreign currency earning of the ruling party, TPLF that he was also a central committee member.

Last but not least, the critical question should be forwarded here to the international community is that how a man with ministry of Health position ignored the life of millions of Africans will be capable to lead the sole global health organisation  - WHO? 


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